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What is a Brand? What can be applied for Brand?

Brand provides that the brand allows to distinguish the goods and / or services of an enterprise from the goods and / or services of another enterprise, by printing, including person names, which can be displayed or illustrated in a similar way, especially by words, shapes, letters, numbers, form or packaging of goods are all kinds of signs that can be published and reproduced.

Any distinctive words, letters, numbers, drawings, pictures, figures, logos and combinations of them used to distinguish goods or services can be registered as a brand. Even slogans used in advertisements, colors identified with their brands, three-dimensional signs and shapes, shapes of products or packaging, sounds and odors associated with the brand can be protected by trademark registration.

The fact that three-dimensional signs and shapes are the subject of trademark registration will ensure that the outer packaging of the products of the brand are protected forever provided that they renew every 10 years. As an example, we can give the trademark registration of three dimensional signs and shapes to the bottle of carbonated beverage produced by a famous soft drink company we all know.

Coke Bottle Unbranded

Research shows that the most important marketing tools that enable businesses to reach consumers and shape their purchasing behavior are advertisements made through communication tools such as television, radio and social media. Businesses announce their slogans, jingles, colorsand their products and services to the target audience. Advertising jingles, which are specially crafted in languages, are engraved in memories and increase the retention of the product or service of that business and affect the purchasing preferences of the consumers positively.

As an example of sound brands and slogans, we can give the melody and slogan of a famous ice cream brand, the sound of a famous beverage company after the bottle opening of a famous biscuit brand.

Colors and fragrances can also be the subject of trademark registration. As an example of the color brand, we can say that a world-renowned chocolate brand is registered in lilac color in many countries, and in these countries, it prevents the packaging of other brands of chocolate in this category with this color.

Why is branding and Brand application important?

Researches in the world show that the brand values shown among the intangible assets of international firms have the most important place among intellectual property rights. Research in the USA shows that the market values of intangible assets constitute 80% for S&P 500 companies and 70% for EU companies and China’s large companies. This is almost the case among the big companies of our country.

In order to compete in the national and international markets in the globalizing world, our businesses and entrepreneurs need to develop strategies to create brands that are recognized in the national and international markets by attaching great importance to branding.

Registration of Brand and Domain name will provide you with all the rights of your brands, and will provide more effective legal protection against the imitations and copying of your brand, and increase your brand’s recognition, competitiveness and reliability in the market.

We’ll markets for products and services in international markets in Turkey, the first step to Branding Brand will make the application and will also be competing to register your brand by brand references.

Investments made to market a product or service without brand registration can be wasted when rival companies use the same or mixable similar brands for the same or similar products and services. In the event that a competitor company starts using the same or similar brand, consumers can buy the product of the competitor, assuming that they have bought your product or service. This not only reduces your company’s profitability and misleads customers, but also damages your company’s reputation and image if the competing product is of lower quality.

Registered to be your brand in Turkey, will not provide protection abroad, abroad to our company engaged in the export and in the countries they sell their products and services abroad, our own brand of strong brands make the application for registration is an issue that is very important and should not be neglected. If the rival company registers your brand without applying for a brand in these countries, you will not be able to sell products or services with your own brand in that country, and you may not lose your products from the customs of that country and you may lose great harm and reputation.

In addition, the right to use a registered trademark may be given to other companies under license. Thus, you can obtain an additional source of income for your company or form the basis for the franchisingagreement.

In short, when you make a trademark registration, you enable your customers to distinguish between your products and services, and you enable your business to differentiate their products and services. Trademark registration is an important tool of marketing and is the basis for creating brand image and fame. Trademark registration is an important tool of marketing and is the basis for creating brand image and fame…. Your brand can be valued day by day and can be a valuable commercial asset. Your brand registration and branding will encourage you to invest in maintaining and improving the product and service quality of your business, and it will be an important value in finding resources and finding national and international investors to make these investments.

Boy Playing With Toy Plane

What are the tricks of creating a brand and brand registration?

Choosing or creating a suitable brand for your business’s products or services is a crucial step, as it is an important element of your business’s marketing strategy.

Brand research must be done to make sure that the brand you will identify is not the same or indistinguishable from existing brands operating in your field.

Make sure your brand is easy to read, write, pronounce and keep in mind and is suitable for all kinds of advertising tools.

Make sure that your brand does not have any unwanted second meaning in the languages of the market countries you will export to.

Check if the same domain name is possible for registration.

Strengthen your brand with a unique logo design registration.

As Uranus Patent, we will continue to serve and be with you with our expert consultants in order to show our precious entrepreneurs the right way in Brand creation, Brand application and Brand registration processes, which is the first step of Branding.

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