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In the process of registration of intellectual property rights, Uranus Patent guides its clients with its professionalized team in all areas of intellectual property rights in order to protect and transform original & new ideas, inventions, Brands and designs into value and provides services for the protection of their rights.

Uranus Patent, Intellectual and Industrial Rights with nearly 10 years of experience in the field of successful and experienced Trademark Attorneys, Patent Attorneys and Attorneys recognized throughout Turkey in their fields. It provides consultancy with our solution partners including Trademark Patent Attorneys.

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The expertise of our Patent Attorney solution partners includes various technologies such as telecommunications systems, optical and electro-mechanical systems and devices, computer hardware and software technologies, medical and biological instruments, automotive technologies, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, materials and mechanical engineering.

Uranus Patent considers it a duty to support its clients in the most effective way in the protection and commercialization of every new & original idea and invention that will create value in the field of intellectual property so that our country has a better place among the world economies.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Team

With 10 years of experience in the field of Uranus Patent Intellectual and Industrial Rights, successful and experienced Trademark Attorneys, Patent Attorneys and Atty. It provides consultancy with our solution partners including Trademark Patent Attorneys.

Our Services

We render consultancy services with a professional team consisting of successful and experienced trademark attorneys, patent attorneys and Att. Trademark – Patent attorneys who are well-known in Turkey and who are specialized in their own fields with experience close to 10 years in every area of Intellectual rights like Trademark, Patent, Industrial Design and Copyright. We offer consultancy with our solution partners including Trademark – Patent Attorneys.

Our Lawyers and Trademark Attorneys, who are experts in their fields, will be with you for the most accurate protection while creating your brand.

How Do We Register Your Brand?

As Uranus Patent Office, we are happy to serve in the transformation of new ideas and inventions into value in many different technological fields.

How Do We Make Your Patent Application?

We are with you for turning your unique designs and works into value.

How do we submit your Industrial Design Application?

Copyrights are rights provided legally on the products created by any kind of intellectual efforts of a person.

How Do We Initiate Copyrights on Your Name?

Our trainings are given by our Trademark, Patent Attorneys and Lawyer Trademark Patent Attorney consultants who are experienced in the field of intellectual property. Remember to subscribe to the Newsletter for details.

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The application for Geographical Indication Registration, which has been increasing in recent years, also excites us.

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What Our Customers Say

Comments of our happy customers who received service from Uranus Patent:

I was very worried about trademark registration at the beginning, but I would like to thank Uranus Patent, who provided me to register my brand successfully thanks to correct information, research and guidance. Now my brand is safe!

Uğur Ilgar

The process of patenting our invention in the process of growing my business was very important and challenging for me. Uranus Patent has eased the burden on my shoulders in this regard and we have successfully obtained the registration certificate. They still watch my files annually. I know that Uranus Patent is a reliable companion …

Yener Doğruyol

The industrial designs I developed were great, but I was afraid that they would be copied. I am now peaceful thanks to the guidance and consultancy of Uranus Patent. My designs are under protection!

Deniz Bağcı

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